a21 is now
the one

One of the worlds best bars has its renaissance. The acclaimed cocktail bar A21 has been reborn with a new name and grand new surroundings.

The One continues where the legendary A21 left off. The name refers to the one and only bar, this is what we aim to to be amongst the wide variety of bars around us. 

Sip with Style!

Opening hours:
Wed-Sat 16–22/23

Behind the 7 metre long led powered bar counter is where we shake and stir all our World Tour and familiar A21 flavours. You can also choose a cocktail from our curated 100 classics menu.

Flavourium Tripla Ruoka ja Cocktailit

The cocktail bar is built around A21 classics, World Tour destinations and experiental cocktails.

how to find us?

Follow the arrow on the map.

Route 1: Come in through the door in the end of the corridor on the right hand side of the building. Take the elevator to the lower 5th floor. Flavourium will be in front of you.

Route 2: One of the main entrances to the Mall of Tripla is located directly below us. Walk in to the shopping center and continue to the large Cultural square. Climb up the wide stairs on your right and Flavourium will be on your right hand side.

Flavourium logo

Mall of Tripla, 5th floor

Fredikanterassi 1

00520 Helsinki


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